About me

Thanks for taking a look at my site.

My name is Gwen Langenberg, I am 47 years old and mother of a 21-year-old daughter.
When I was 18, I left Limburg for Amsterdam to study as a performing dancer at the High School of the Arts (AHK). A long-cherished dream came true – I could and can let my body speak through dance. I currently still work in this beautiful and challenging profession.

My other passion is yoga. I have been studying yoga philosophy for years, the secure and healing form of asanas (postures), breathing techniques and meditation/mindfulness. I love to transfer this wisdom and knowledge through yoga classes and workshops.

Eastern science has a major influence on my perception of life, and I take those rich experiences with me in my current practice.

Health, vitality and resilience on a physical and mental level are of great value, but not always self-evident. How do you move towards the most beautiful and fulfilled version of yourself? It felt like a natural step for me to expand my knowledge in this area by choosing for people-oriented training and eventually opening my practice.

I bring all my knowledge and experience to the table in my practice. Each and every time, I find it a fantastic challenge to explore, together with each client, what spurred you to reach out for help and what you need to get moving again. Those questions never get old. I see my work as teamwork. Searching together in connection.
I work from a holistic perspective with the connection between body, thoughts, emotions and consciousness. Your needs and goals always guide the process. Together we will go full throttle to help you grow into the most beautiful version of yourself.

Welcome to my Coaching&Brainspotting practice.